Virtual Cooking Class! Saturday, January 30th at 6pm

We will be learning how to prepare Korean Beef Bowls with Debbie Brosnan of The Effortless Kitchen! These can also be made with turkey or tofu for those with dietary restrictions.

To register for this event, please pay $40 via Venmo (@Burlington-Womenade) or credit card/PayPal (yellow donate button on You will need to shop for your ingredients the week of the event. 50% of your donation will go to the Hall family of Wilmington.

Suzanne Hall of Wilmington lives with her father and 2 children. After being laid off from her job in 2016 she became the full time caretaker for her mother who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. She and her mother struggled with various health issues over the next 4 years. Everyone in the household contracted COVID in April of 2020 and her mother passed away within a week. She and her daughter continue to have residual health concerns related to COVID many months later. They could use our support during this difficult time.

Thank you for joining us for our first virtual fundraiser of 2021!


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